Have you ever made a mistake
and wanted others to learn from it?

Here's your chance

You Learned

Janice learned:

If you're lucky, you'll find one true friend that you'll have for life. You might not be able to talk to her weekly, or see her monthly. But you'll always know, if you needed her, or she needed you, nothing else would be more important than being there.

A quote from my father, "You can never have too much education, and once you have it, no one can take it away from you."

My quote, "I consider a day that I've learned something good, bad, or the hard way, a good day."

Don't be afraid to be yourself, you'll have more fun.

Don't believe anyone who tells you, "You can't......" Surround yourself with people who tell you, "You can...."

Joanna Buehler learned:

Don't get married because he finally asked or because you had a baby or because you think who else will ask ---- "They Don't Change"---- Get married because you love him and he loves you - everything else will fall into place - The biggest rich you can have is the fulfillment of true love.

Mike Smith learned:

Shake each present before opening it....

JFC learned

There's no such thing as a problems, only opportunities to learn